Quinton Simon’s mother used drugs before killing her infant son and throwing him in the trash, indictment alleges

The mother of 20-month-old Quinton Simon used drugs before killing him and throwing his body in the trash, according to a new indictment.

Prosecutors in Chatham Couty, Georgia, charged 22-year-old Leilani Simon with hitting Quinton with an unknown object and causing him “grievous bodily harm” before reporting him missing on Oct. 5, according to a court filing. indictment returned Thursday by a grand jury. WTOC report.

The previous night, according to prosecutors, she had met a drug dealer and used an unspecified drug. Ms Simon then allegedly dumped Quinton’s body in a bin outside the Azalea mobile home park, a mile and a half from her home.

She told investigators she went there to get rid of “normal household rubbish”. FBI teams searched for Quinton at the Savannah Waste Management landfill for a month before locating his remains on November 18.

Ms Simon was charged with malicious murder, false reporting, concealing the death of another and other crimes in the 19-count indictment. She is being held at the Chatham County Detention Center without bail and is due back in court for a hearing on January 11.

“It’s a question that challenges our very humanity,” Chatham County District Attorney Shalena Cook Jones said. “These are the cases that keep us up at night.”

Quinton was last seen alive on the morning of October 5 while playing in a children’s park at a Savannah home he shared with his mother, boyfriend, grandparents and siblings. .

Ms Simon reported her son missing a few hours later, saying she awoke to find him gone and believed someone had entered the house and snatched him away.

Ms Simon was charged with Quinton’s murder in a 19-count indictment

(Chatham County Sheriff’s Office)

An extensive search was launched to try to find the missing child and investigators spent 30 days digging through rubbish at a nearby landfill.

While her son’s fate was still unknown, Ms Simon was spotted drinking tequila in a bar with his mother, Billie Jo Howell.

Ms Howell’s friend told WTOC-TV the little boy’s grandmother had been in contact with the FBI throughout the investigation and tipped off officials when her daughter pulled out of a center treatment in the weeks following Quinton’s disappearance.

The friend claimed that at the request of law enforcement, Ms Howell had helped buy them time before taking her daughter into custody.

On November 18 – more than a month after his disappearance – Quinton’s remains were discovered at the landfill.

FBI teams searched for Quinton at the Savannah Waste Management landfill for a month before finding his remains on November 18.


Three days later, Ms. Simon was arrested. After her arrest, Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley said she had been ‘the only suspect’ in the case and that authorities did not believe anyone else was involved.

On Monday, Ms Howell was arrested for contempt of court, according to online jail records from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department.

The 45-year-old grandmother was taken to Chatham County Jail without bail and placed in a suicide prevention gown, local media WJCL reported. Details of the arrest are unclear, but the charges are believed to be unrelated to the disappearance and death of her 20-month-old grandson.

Instead, records show she was taken into custody following a detention by Chatham County Juvenile Court.

Juvenile court records are sealed.

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