Rain Code gets a new trailer

Publisher Spike Chunsoft shares a new trailer for Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, the Nintendo Switch-exclusive adventure game coming out in 2023.

Spike Chunsoft, the publisher and co-developer of New Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, released a new trailer for the upcoming dark fantasy mystery game. Although rain code was announced over a year ago in November 2021, not much has been revealed about the game other than it appears to feature a young boy named Yuma Kokohead, who is accompanied by a sentient being resembling to a ghost with horns.

The developers, Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games, call New Master Detective Archives: Rain Code a “lucid-dark adventure”, which is in line with the previous work of the two studios. Several members of the development team have previously contributed to the Danganronpa The series and both IPs were created by writer Kazutaka Kodaka.


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Along with some character art, Spike Chunsoft has now released an intro trailer for New Master Detective Archives: Rain Code to share a few more details about the game. The ghost turns out to be a young girl named Shinigami who can apparently transform into a “bloated god of death” at will. In the video, she speaks the most and reveals that “some sort of weird and scary thing is going to happen in town today.” While Yuma seems a little worried about the idea, Shinigami seems very excited.

A bit more about protagonist Yuma Kokohead is also uncovered in the trailer. Nicknamed “amnesiac detective in training”, the kid woke up in a train station and began to do research. However, strange things keep happening around him, so Shinigami steps in to help and provide him with useful detective training.

The trailer also introduces a place called the Mystery Labyrinth, where puzzling real-life events “materialize.” Successfully navigating the maze will lead Yuma and Shinigama to solve the mysteries, but first they must defeat Mystery Phantoms, which are bosses that stand in the way of truth. The video ends by showing a quick timeline of a number of different characters, though it’s unclear if they’ll be playable or just NPCs. Besides its general quirkiness, this set of characters is one of the reasons why Master Detectives Archives: Rain Code has been compared to personas 5.

Overall it seems that rain code will present an engaging and unorthodox gameplay experience that should appeal to fans of some of Spike Chunsoft’s previous games. Danganronpa, for example, features a robotic teddy bear named Monokuma who makes high school kids kill each other. Another publisher/developer IP is Mind Blowing Adventure Game AI: Somnium files and its sequel, in which the player investigates a series of murders by entering the suspects’ subconscious.

New Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch, with release slated for 2023.

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