Save over $150 on Playmobil Star Trek USS Enterprise on Black Friday

If you have a Star Trek fan in your life, regardless of age, you can’t afford to let that deal on a faithful recreation of the USS Enterprise go to Warp 8 and go.

With a 32% discount for Black Friday, the Playmobil Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is more affordable than ever at just $340.25 on Amazon. (opens in a new tab)

While Playmobil is typically marketed towards young children, this USS Enterprise from “Star Trek: The Original Series” is sure to please any fan of the seminal sci-fi franchise that inspired generations of fans. This Enterprise comes with the legendary crew of NCC-1701 and plenty of details that make it a collector’s item as well as an epic playset. You can check out our Playmobil Star Trek USS Enterprise review to see how impressed we were with this set.

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