Senator Ron Wyden spends winter vacation with communist leaders in Cuba

The puppet president of the Castro regime, Miguel Díaz-Canel, announced on Wednesday evening that he had received a visit from Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR).

The announcement of Wyden’s visit to Cuba came less than three weeks after a delegation of three Democratic congressmen trip in Havana to meet with members of the Cuban communist regime from December 9 to 11.

“I received US Senator Ron Wyden, to whom I ratified the willingness to work together to improve bilateral relations for the benefit of our peoples,” Díaz-Canel said on Twitter. “I explained to him the impact that the extreme measures of the American government have had on the Cuban population.”

Díaz-Canel appeared to be referring to the Cuban “embargo”, which allows medical, humanitarian aid, family ties and other critical contact between the two countries, but is designed to prevent money from entering between the two countries. hands of the oppressive communist regime. The Communist Party has spent much of the last century complaining that the impoverished state of the Cuban people is solely the result of the “embargo,” failing the strict restrictions that Havana imposes on its people to interact with Americans and decades of incompetent communist rule.

In his report on the visit of the Democratic senator to Cuba, Grandmotherthe official newspaper of the Castro communist regime, describe Wyden on Thursday as “one of the most influential voices” in the United States who “expressed his disagreement” with the Cuban “embargo”, noting that the Democratic senator introduced a bill in 2021 that sought to “establish normal commercial relations” with America’s enemy state.

GrandmotherThe report also mentions a letter sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed by the Democratic Senator in February 2021 in which Wyden – alongside Democratic Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Mark Warner (D-VA) – urged the Biden administration to drop all sanctions imposed on the communist Castro regime, including the removal of Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism by the United States. The letter suggested re-engaging with the Castro regime to “promote American interests.”

The Trump administration included Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism in January 2021 due to the communist regime of Castro’s close ties with international terrorist organizations such as the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Shiite jihadist organization Hezbollah.

Grandmother also effusively praised Wyden’s “notable activism” in support of restrictions on gun rights in the United States and “other social impact issues such as the legalization of abortion and equal marriage. “.

“This meeting is an example of how, despite the U.S. government’s position to maintain its hostile policy against Cuba, there are influential figures in that nation who are engaged in respectful bilateral dialogue,” he added. . Grandmother concludes in his report.

In addition to recent visits by Democratic congressmen to Cuba and their calls to end the “embargo,” the Biden administration has granted concessions to the communist Castro regime by rolling back Trump-era restrictions on remittances sent by Cuban citizens abroad to their families in Cuba – that the Castro regime Fly a large cut of, giving only a fraction of the original amount sent to its recipients.

Human rights abuses by the Castro regime against peaceful protesters – who have been calling for an end to more than six decades of communist rule for years – have worsened throughout 2022. The quality of life in Cuba has worsened. is also significantly deteriorated, as the basic infrastructure, poorly maintained under the Castro family, has almost entirely collapsed.

The Castro regime recently admitted that its crumbling healthcare system – which the regime falsely promotes as the best in the world – faces its worst crisis in 64 years of communist rule.

It is believed that Cuba is currently undergoing the worst migration crisis in history. US border officials have documented more than 227,000 cases of Cubans fleeing communism between December 2021 and December 2022 alone. The number of cases of Cubans fleeing communism in the past year is bigger than the Mariel exodus of 1980 and the rafter crisis of 1994 combined.

The Biden administration has responded to the Cuban migrant crisis by detaining and deporting Cubans fleeing communism who attempt to reach US soil by sea, leaving the southern land border wide open.

Recently, Homeland Security “accidentally” informed the Castro regime of the names and personal information of a group of Cuban citizens who had sought protection in the United States for fear of political persecution.

Christian K. Caruzo is a Venezuelan writer and documents life under socialism. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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