Sharp to Unveil New XLED Mini LED TVs at CES

Sharp can usually be counted on to provide some of the biggest displays to grace the halls of every CES in Las Vegas, and it looks like it’s going to continue that eye-catching trend when CES 2023 kicks off next week thanks to a 120-inch version of its new series of AQUOS XLED televisions.

While it will no doubt be that king-sized screen that will grab the headlines and, likely, the front of Sharp’s booth, the entire AQUOS XLED series will actually make its global debut at CES. The big story with these high-end TVs is that they will combine mini LED backlighting with Quantum Dot color systems and deploy audio systems that will see speakers placed above and below the screen to deliver a larger and more immersive sound field.

Mini LED TVs, if you’re not familiar with them, use much smaller LEDs to light up their screens than you get with traditional LED sets, allowing manufacturers to fit many more into the same area of ​​TV. ‘screen. This allows mini LED TVs to achieve much more precise and localized control of light in a TV picture, opening the door to both more brightness and more contrast – especially if the huge increase in light sources light is paired with a sophisticated local dimming system that can adjust the light emitted by different groups of these miniature LEDs for a given shot.

Using quantum dots to produce the color of AQUOS XLED TVs, meanwhile, should allow the sets to deliver more color volume (saturation plus brightness) and a wider tonal range than you can get with the traditional filter-based televisions.

Sharp has actually been selling a TV series under the name AQUOS XLED EP1 in Japan since October that also uses Mini LED and Quantum Dot technologies, and it’s unclear at this time how much the AQUOS XLED sets about to get. happen at CES could be different from these series. Sharp points out in its pre-CES announcement, however, that the AQUOS XLEDs on display at CES are global models on display for the first time.

Official details on the new AQUOS XLED TVs beyond those already covered are currently scarce – although it’s worth adding that Sharp describes them as “next-generation TVs that give viewers a very realistic sense of really be in the middle of the action”.

The only additional thing we can say for sure is that, as usual with Sharp’s king-size CES displays, the 120-inch AQUOS XLED display is actually openly described as a “prototype” that doesn’t wear a built-in tuner and is being marketed as suitable for digital signage or public displays in commercial installations as well as home theater functions. In other words, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself standing jaw-droppingly in front of the Sharp AQUOS 120-inch LED at CES next week, you probably shouldn’t take its performance as representative of the mainstream, living user-friendly models that will form the heart of the AQUOS XLED range.

Anyone looking to hunt down Sharp’s new Mini LED monster at CES 2023 should note that the brand has taken up residence this year in the Petrus Ballroom at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel (3131 LAss Vegas Boulevard), rather than occupying its traditional floor space. at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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