Should the Dallas Cowboys have traded for Brandin Cooks?

The NFL the trade deadline has come and gone, and Dallas Cowboys fans watched their team stand tall on Tuesday before the 4 p.m. ET cutoff.

After losing Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson last offseason, Dallas has yet to find sufficient replacements for the lost production.

There was a belief among the fanbase that the Cowboys could replace that production by making a move for Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who had four straight 1,000-yard seasons. The Cowboys front office shared the same thought process, according to a number of sources, as the Dallas chiefs reportedly remained in talks with Houston over a deal with the Cooks until the final minutes of the deadline. Ultimately, the two sides could not reach an agreement.

Because of that, “Undisputed” co-host Shannon Sharpe thinks the Cowboys missed a home run acquisition.

“I thought Jerry should have closed the deal, but I knew he wouldn’t,” Sharpe said on the show Wednesday. “You knew from free agency that the trade deadline was going to come November 1 at 4 p.m. … Why did you wait until the umpteenth hour to [say] ‘what is the compensation plan?’

“Jerry [could’ve] just picked up the phone, spoke to the GM and said “hey how do we close this deal?” [People are saying] “Well, James Washington could come back.” James Washington has 11 touchdowns in 60 games with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He averages 27 yards per game. Michael Gallup comes out of a serious knee injury, he has 135 yards with a TD. Dalton Schultz has 203 yards, no touchdowns. Noah Brown — your second best receiver — has 339 yards, one TD. The Cowboys are averaging 191 passing yards per game. Brandin Cooks, since entering the league in 2014, has six 1,000-yard receiving seasons. I don’t understand. It’s a real deep threat.”

Sharpe also argued that having cooks would give CeeDee Lamb more room to move around.

“So now CeeDee can really work the middle, because he doesn’t go deep,” he said. “Unless he’s going in the water, that’s the only time he sinks. How many times have you seen him go down a road that’s not in ‘Hard Knocks?’ “For the teams that were in contention…it was the most active trade deadline I’ve seen. I think they should have made a deal.

Sharpe’s co-host Skip Bayless was unmoved by the missed exchange.

“I didn’t lose a second of sleep last night…because I’m not going to miss Brandin Cooks, and I won’t let anyone I know in Cowboy Nation conclude that our season was lost at the trade deadline. “, says Bayless. “If you add someone at the trade deadline – someone of impact and value – it sends a strong message to the locker room, ‘we’re here to go.’ No message has been sent.

“The Cowboys’ trade for Jonathan Hankins was exactly what the doctor ordered at the time. … Brandin Cooks is 30. Pro Football Focus ranks him 61st among the top receivers in professional football. 61st? Well, CeeDee is all the way to 14th, and that’s where he belongs. And by the way, on Sunday I saw a reconnection and a revival of Dak in CeeDee. … Dak started throwing him at 88 the way which you should go ahead and force balls into him. …I like Dak’s look going “you know what? I’m going to throw it to this guy, because this guy is really good”. … All of a sudden it looked like a top five connection. … Noah Brown is ranked 45th best receiver. I’m good with Noah Brown, and by the way, Michael Gallup is down to 66th. Cooks is 61st.”

Lamb currently has 42 receptions for 556 yards (13.2 yards per reception) and three touchdowns. Cooks, meanwhile, had 32 catches for Houston, rushing for 354 yards (11.1 YPR) and just one TD.

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