Sims 4 Bug Makes Sims Irrationally Evil

The players of The Sims 4 complain that the latest patch did something wrong, which led to their Sims being irrationally mean or cruel to others. The issue is currently affecting several players, who claim that nothing like this has happened in their games before.

The Sims 4 updated regularly, either to deliver brand new content in the form of expansions and item packs, or simply to improve the gameplay experience. However, as with many of these updates, like the one that has leads Sims to age at an abnormally rapid rate, the latter seems to have unintended consequences.


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On the EA Support forums, several players have reported that their Sims seem to be acting cruelly for no apparent reason. Sims who have traits that make them peaceful and get along with others now act out being mean and starting fights, even with other Sims they have high relationship scores with. This isn’t limited to player Sims either, as even NPCs have acted more aggressively towards everyone they encounter. The issue also appears to be impacting Sims regardless of their life stage.

Players have reported this as a major issue for them, as it has a big impact on relationships and the behavior of Sims themselves. Players with long-lasting save files, in particular, are hesitant to play until this issue is resolved, as it actively affects gameplay and damages the relationships players have worked hard to build between their Sims. Unfortunately, the issue is completely self-contained, so unless players want to control their Sims’ every action, there’s no real way to control the issue.

Thankfully, after weeks of reports, EA has updated the community post to note that a fix is ​​on the way. However, no official advice or suggestion has been provided at this time to avoid the issue. Until the patch is released, players may want to start a new family or play something else. Once the update has started, you should be able to safely return to The Sims 4 without any unwanted negativity between the characters.

With a game as long and complex as The Sims 4, issues are likely to appear over time, and this is often the case with game updates. Previous updates have seen bizarre issues appear, such as alien abductions resulting in male pregnancies, or Simpler issues, like some My Wedding Stories game pack features not working properly on launch. While frustrating, all players can do is create a backup and stay on top of any issues they discover so EA can track down the issue and fix it.

The Sims 4 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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