Skyrim Greybeards take down Dragonborn in fun clip

A hilarious clip from Skyrim shows a player being savagely attacked with fists and dragon cries by the Greybeards in High Hrothgar.

A Skyrim The player posted a hilarious video of them being slowly beaten to death by the Greybeards. Typically, the player learns to use the Greybeards dragon shouts in Skyrimbut if attacked, they will defend themselves.

SkyrimThe main storyline revolves around saving the world from resurrected dragons intent on conquering Tamriel, and the Greybeards are a key part of that story. Once the Dragonborn discovers he has the power to use Dragon Shouts, he is asked to travel to Skyrim’s High Hrothgar to learn about his new powers from the reclusive Greybeards. Members of this ancient order are the only people who can teach the player how to properly use dragon cries and where to find more power words.


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The video was posted on Skyrim subreddit by player SnepALaCarte, and shows 30 seconds of their character being slowly and hilariously killed by the Greybeards. The clip begins in the middle of the fight, with three Greybeards beating SnepALaCarte with their fists, then freezing them with a scream. The player falls to the ground frozen in a block of ice as the Ancient Hermits continue to beat him. Once the scream is over, SnepALaCarte gets back up and is almost immediately frozen again. This pattern repeats more or less for the duration of the 30-second clip, but in the final seconds, the Greybeards decide to mix things up with some Fire Breath screams to end SnepALaCarte.

Cases like this are not uncommon in Skyrim, since NPCs will tend to attack the player even for minor infractions, such as accidentally hitting an NPC or, it’s well known, a chicken. In these cases, the city guard, and often nearby civilians, will gang up and try to kill the player character. One player was even attacked for telekinetically throwing a tomato. According to SnepALaCarte, the Greybeards took offense when their dog accidentally hit the controller and used a dragon cry on one of the nearby NPCs, triggering the beating.

Despite Skyrim‘s age, there’s still a huge fanbase for the game, and clips like this make it easy to see why. The game’s vast open world and deep RPG mechanics are a big part of that, but the unexpected NPC interactions are another big factor. There are a lot of hilarious clips from Skyrimand with Elder Scrolls 6 still not having a specific release date, it is likely that players will continue to play Skyrim and create more fun times for the community.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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