Some Overwatch 2 Players Say They’re Not Getting Their League Rewards

Several Overwatch 2 players are reporting that they still haven’t received their rewards for watching the Overwatch League live, and Blizzard isn’t helping.

Several Monitor 2 players said they never received their Overwatch League tokens and other rewards. Fans were supposed to receive them for watching Overwatch League 2022, which ended on November 4. However, many players haven’t received their rewards nearly a month after the end of the season.

Blizzard is out Monitor 2 October 4. The developers originally intended for it to co-exist as a separate title alongside the original 2016 game. However, Blizzard later decided that Monitor 2 would serve as a free replacement. As a result, the studio closed Surveillanceservers on October 3, with all players having their cosmetics and currency transferred to Monitor 2 when it launched the next day. Meanwhile, the Overwatch League is the franchise’s professional esports league, established in 2017. The League’s 2022 season kicked off in May and concluded with the Playoffs in late October and early November.


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For 2022, Blizzard hoped to incentivize a larger audience by offering Monitor 2 players a variety of benefits to connect. These included Home and Away skins for various Monitor 2 Heroes, exclusive sprays, and other in-game collectibles. Viewers were also supposed to receive payment in Overwatch League Tokens, which they could redeem for other exclusive cosmetics. Eligible Monitor 2 players were supposed to receive their rewards on November 15. However, many players are reporting that they still haven’t received them, and Blizzard customer service hasn’t done anything to help them.

In a now-deleted Reddit post first noticed by Kotaku, a user called Hohoho-you shared a screenshot of the message he received from customer support. According to the Game Master’s answer, Monitor 2 players have already received all the rewards for which they were eligible. Additionally, Blizzard Customer Service has no way of verifying eligibility and therefore cannot offer any assistance to players experiencing this issue.

Hohoho-you isn’t the only player who hasn’t received the Overwatch League tokens and the rewards they claim to have earned. Viewers were supposed to receive tokens for every three hours of Overwatch League they watched. However, the main thread comment states that they stopped acquiring rewards after a certain point. Others claimed they got all of the tokens but not all of their skins. In some cases, they reported missing skins they unlocked before cosmetics they received. Others have experienced a series of similar problems.

A Kotaku reporter contacted Blizzard before publishing their story on the issue, but did not receive an immediate response. However, Monitor 2 players don’t seem to expect to receive the rewards they are entitled to. The Reddit thread contained multiple criticisms of Blizzard customer support, alleging that the company has demonstrated a tendency to ignore this type of issue and even blame players.

Monitor 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Kotaku

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