Sony Mentions PS6 Release Year, If Only That Document Wasn’t Redacted

In one of his latest CMA responses to Microsoft’s planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard (spotted by games industry analyst Piers Harding Rolls), Sony mentioned its next generation of PlayStation consoles and how the potential loss of access to the Call of Duty franchise would have a major impact on its profits. While the brief line of text doesn’t mention an exact date due to redaction, it does confirm that Sony has a new PlayStation planned for a future release, possibly by 2027 or a bit later.

“Microsoft has offered to continue making Activision’s games available on PlayStation only until 2027,” Sony’s comments read. “Similarly, in public comments just October 26, Microsoft said it plans to offer Call of Duty on PlayStation only as long as it makes sense. A timeframe through 2027 – or some other timeframe (possibly longer). short) that Microsoft unilaterally determines makes sense to Microsoft is grossly insufficient. As SIE launched the next generation of its PlayStation console (which is likely to happen around DELETED), it would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles, which would leave it extremely vulnerable to consumer shifts and subsequent degradation of its competitiveness. “

PlayStation consoles typically have a lifespan of 6-7 years, and the current model, the PlayStation 5, celebrated its second anniversary this month. It’s also not unusual for Sony to focus on a PS6 console at this point in the PS5’s lifecycle, as constant research and development of the console is practiced by both Xbox and Nintendo.

Sony has been one of the loudest voices opposing the acquisition of Microsoft, which it calls “a game changer that poses a threat to an industry loved by hundreds of millions of consumers” in its response. which was published by the UK CMA. Sony has been focused on the possibility of losing access to the lucrative Call of Duty series, while Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spender has regularly played down those fears by reiterating that Microsoft is more interested in the mobile games catalog. from Activision.

Back in October, Spencer noted that the company planned to treat Call of Duty like Minecraft, and he responded to Sony’s criticism of Microsoft’s future ownership of Call of Duty. “The idea that Activision is about Call of Duty on console is a construct that could be created by our console competitor,” Spencer said.

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