Stockton ‘serial killer’ is charged with four more murders, bringing total to seven

A suspected serial killer who terrorized the northern California town of Stockton in a series of alleged ambush-style shootings has been charged with four other murders.

Wesley Brownlee, 43, had previously been charged with three counts of first-degree murder after he allegedly carried out a murderous rampage in the Central Valley, hunting random victims while masked and dressed in black.

San Joaquin County prosecutors this week filed an amended criminal complaint charging Mr. Brownlee with the murders of Juan Alexander Vasquez, Mervin Harmon, Paul Yaw and Salvador Debudey Jr., as well as the attempted murder of Natasha LaTour.

Three of the four murders had previously been publicly linked to Mr Brownlee, but charges had yet to be filed.

A fourth, previously unreported case stems from the April 2021 murder of Juan Alexander Vazquez.

Mr Brownlee has already been charged with the first degree murder of three men in Stockton: Jonathan Rodriguez Hernandez, who died on August 30, Juan Carlos Carranza-Cruz, who died on September 21, and Lawrence Lopez, who died on September 27.

Yaw was killed on July 8, Debudey on August 11, both at Stockton. Hermon and Vasquez were killed in Alameda County in April 2021.

Paul Alexander Yaw, 35, was shot dead on July 8 in Stockton

(Facebook/Greta Bogrow)

Prior to his arrest on October 15, the string of murders committed under cover of darkness had left townspeople on edge.

Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said at the time that the suspect was apprehended at 2 a.m. after his car was stopped by a surveillance team in the Village Green Drive area of ​​town.

He was carrying a gun and had a mask around his neck and “seeking to kill, he was hunting”, Mr McFadden told reporters.

Police had released grainy footage of a suspect and only had a partial description of Ms LaTour, who was also shot in April 2021, and is the only known victim to survive.

Surveillance footage of suspected Stockton serial killer released ahead of Wesley Brownlee’s arrest

(Stockton Police Department)

Mr Brownlee spent several years in prison for separate drug offenses in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and was banned from owning a firearm, police said at the time of his arrest.

He allegedly used an unregistered “ghost gun” to carry out at least some of the murders, police said in October.

Mr. Brownlee is due in court on January 3 for arraignment, prosecutors said in a statement.

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