Subnautica Player designs a working airlock

A creative Subnautica player has designed and built an impressive fully functional airlock for his underwater base in Sector Zero.

A creative base builder in Subnautical designed and built its own airlock extension to its sea base in the depths of planet 4546b. fans of the Subnautical games are constantly putting their knowledge of basic mechanics to good use to build habitats with awesome features, continuing to develop awesome new structures even eight years after the first game’s initial release.

Base construction has always been an essential aspect of Subnautical games, allowing players to build their own homes wherever they want in the world. Habitats allow players to sleep, store materials, craft tools, store vehicles, and even study living alien specimens. There are a host of craftable base mods players can access in the form of blueprints found throughout the world, with even more base parts added in Subnautica: below zero. Since players can build anywhere on the map with no actual size limit, fans have taken advantage of the endless opportunities to build things like tunnels spanning the map, and even tubes that lead into the depths of the void.


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Although perhaps not as wild in concept, one player has built a fully functional airlock annex to his Subnautical base. The ingenious feature takes advantage of the game’s flood feature by connecting two glass compartments to the main base and separating each compartment with a bulkhead door. The compartment farthest from the central base has been manually damaged so that it is permanently flooded with water. When the chamber bulkhead door is opened, water fills the airlock chamber and allows the player to swim through a hatch into the ocean.

Even more cleverly, the structurally intact airlock will then automatically drain of its water provided the separation door is closed by the player. While the whole thing is certainly a neat gimmick, it has no real gameplay benefit and would be quite impractical when gamers are in a rush. Thanks to all the high-tech gadgets in the world of Subnauticalplayers can usually enter and exit their base through a hatch, which is like a simplified airlock with no risk of flooding.

Subnautica: below zero brought tons of new base parts and quality of life features for fans – so many, in fact, that the game’s developers announced plans earlier this year to introduce a new update that would bring a number of these features to the original Subnautical. Eager fans playing on PC can experience it for themselves right now by opting for the experimental version of the game, but the official release date of this future update remains unknown.

Subnautical is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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