Tetris Effect: Connected is getting another update on Switch, here’s what’s included

The Switch version of Tetris Effect: Connected received another update earlier this month. This latest patch upgrades the game to version 1.3.3.

The official support page has now shared all the details – revealing a number of changes for all platforms. He is also aware of some system clock related exploits on Switch. Here are the full details:


[ALL] Added an SR disconnect penalty status for players who show an abnormally high disconnect rate in RANKED MATCHES. We’ll monitor how well this helps discourage bad actors and adapt if necessary.

[ALL] Adjusted matchmaking so that players cannot leave the lobby in most competitive MATCH RANKED modes – ZONE BATTLE, SCORE ATTACK, and CLASSIC SCORE ATTACK – once an opponent arrives. Instead, players are automatically “set” and the match countdown begins. CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS modes, and all modes in FRIEND MATCH and LOCAL MATCH, behave as before.

[ALL] Spectators can now leave during a FRIEND MATCH.

[ALL] Changed the level of replacement CPU players when a player disconnects in CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS. fashions. (Previously, players were replaced with the same CPU Tier (1-10) as their Tier (1-10). Now players anywhere in Tiers 1-5 will be replaced with a Tier 5 CPU .

[ALL] Changed the display name to “CPU” when a player is replaced by an AI in CONNECTED and CONNECTED VS. fashions.

[ALL] Added Full Moon WINS and WIN RATE event to MY RECORD > STATS: MULTIPLAYER (RANKED MATCHES). (The display alternates between Normal and Full Moon WINS and WIN RATE every five seconds.)

[ALL] The game now retains any camera positioning adjusted by the player for each different MULTIPLAYER mode.

[ALL] Fixed an issue where GAME OVER would appear when all blocks turn into dark blocks in PURIFY mode.

Other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

[SWITCH] Changing the Nintendo Switch system clock to a future time and posting Online Multiplayer scores and then resetting them may prevent your Online Multiplayer scores from updating. Please do not change the system clock when playing online multiplayer.

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