The $47 Velvet Amazon Dress I Wear to Every Wedding

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  • Buying a different dress for each wedding as a guest can be expensive.
  • For two consecutive weddings, I wore the same $47 Amazon dress, despite having different dress codes.
  • The dress got me lots of compliments and was very comfortable and easy to fit.

Some of the most common complaints about weddings are the expense: travel, hotels, gifts. A dress is added to the list, which can become a unique outfit depending on the occasion.

While I’ve gotten away with casual knee-length clothes in the past, I had two almost back-to-back weddings that required a bit more wardrobe: a mostly outdoor fall wedding and a more formal winter one. .

I figured something floor-length would work for both, and after seeing a dress I liked on someone else’s Instagram, I kept Googling words like “long wrap dress in 70s velvet” until I landed on a reasonably priced Amazon dress.

This long velvet wrap dress is available in seven different colors and is perfect for a wedding guest dress or even a bridesmaid dress.

At the time it was only available in a few colors – brown (the one I got which is more of a burnt auburn), burgundy and navy, but now comes in seven possible options including black and dark green. Although it looked a bit like a choir dress in some product photos, I liked it because it looked warm enough for a 50-60 degree outdoor wedding and versatile enough to dress up or down. dress up, depending on the occasion. I wore a more dangling statement necklace for the more casual wedding and more minimal accessories for the formal wedding.

According to many reviews, this dress flatters many body types and is relatively easy to tailor. (For brides, reviews for this dress also indicate that it could be a good option for bridesmaid dresses.)

On top of the $47 cost of the dress, I had it hemmed and altered to be a little tighter on top, which should normally be a small expense, but I got ripped off paying more for the stitching only for the dress (a story for another era!)

Photo of an author standing in a long velvet dress at a wedding next to another person

At the first wedding, which was mostly outdoors, this dress kept me comfortable while still being quite casual with the right accessories.

Julia Pugachevsky/Initiate

I also paid for Spanx because this dress is very form fitting, but other than that it was a relatively inexpensive way to get an outfit that would fit two weddings without having to rent anything or pay a lot for two dresses I probably won’t wear again.

Overall, I loved wearing this dress to both weddings. I got lots of compliments and felt really comfortable all the time. I even plan to turn it into a wide leg jumpsuit one day, which will make it an even more permanent staple in my wardrobe.

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