The Best ‘Destiny 2’ Developments Of 2022

My last Destiny 2 article of 2022 was surprise, complaining about blue drops, but I figured I should probably circle back and give credit where it’s due. Despite some ups and downs, which is always the case in Destiny, Bungie did a number of pretty fantastic things with the game over the course of the past year, which included another four seasons and an expansion, as is the regimented schedule these days.

I thought I’d go through and touch on everything that comes to mind that I think particularly went well with Destiny 2 this year as we head into 2023 here.

The Witch Queen’s Plot Twist – Uh, spoilers follow here, obviously, but I absolutely loved the reveal that Savathun had not actually stolen the light, but rather she and the Lucent Hive were gifted the light by the Traveler. We still have not fully unraveled why it did this, and we killed Savathun (for now, at least) and are still fighting our fellow Lightbearers, the Lucent Hive, but it was a great spin on the notion that Savathun had merely stolen the light. Instead, she sacrificed herself, putting her faith in the Traveler that it would restore her. And it did.

The Witch Queen Legendary Campaign – Story aside, from a gameplay perspective, the +10 power, champion-free, match game-free Legendary Campaign from The Witch Queen was the most fun I’ve had actually playing PvE in Destiny in years, and is the new standard for expansion campaigns. We know Lightfall will be doing this as well, but there’s a lot to live up to, given how well this went.

Season of the Risen – Destiny 2 has been known for putting out mandatory seasons alongside expansions that are…not the best, including Season of the Undying and Season of the Hunt. But Season of the Risen? That was actually a really stellar season with its PsiOps battlegrounds and genuinely engaging Caiatl/Crow/Saladin storyline. It’s the second best season of the year, past Seraph.

Subclass 3.0 Reworks – These were just…fantastic. With only a few exceptions (buff some Warlock stuff pls), I have been deeply impressed with just how transformative these reworks have been on gameplay, and they really, really opened up buildcrafting in the game, especially when combined with old exotics and new perks like Repulsor Brace, Incandescent and Voltshot. I wasn’t convinced these reworks were necessary, but they were one of the best parts of the year.

Derelict Leviathan – While Haunted wasn’t my favorite season on the whole, I am deeply impressed we’ve now reached a point where a seasonal activity can include unvaulting (albeit temporarily) an entire location, and the Egregore-infested rework of it was extremely well done, even if the zone itself was underutilized.

Armor Sets – The Destiny armor team was firing on all cylinders this year, from Haunted skull armor to ghost pirate armor to cowboy hats from Spire of the Watcher. I’ve never been so impressed by the range of armor produced in a single year, and I’ve burned through every transmog opportunity with ease. Same thing goes for the shader team, who did some excellent work in this department as well.

The Dungeons – Both Duality and Spire of the Watcher are very good dungeons, and it’s nice to exist in an era where we’re getting story-tied dungeons every other season, even if they cost extra. Duality had its technical issues, but with those resolved, both are just excellent dungeons with great loot and real assets to the year.

King’s Fall – I’m not sure what else you could have wanted from a King’s Fall reprisal, which felt like a great rework of the classic, including a revamped final Oryx fight that was more engaging than the original.

Planetary Mats Gone – A small one, but anything that involves de-cluttering the zillions of currencies in Destiny 2 these days is a good development.

Enemy Density – Whether that’s PsiOps and Heist battlegrounds, Nightmare Containment or Ketchcrash, Bungie has really, really stepped things up in terms of creating engaging encounters due to enemy density, which is a fun way of increasing difficulty. Combined with things like +5/10 power in Seraph, and we are approaching a fun level of challenge that feels attainable, but like we don’t auto-steamroll everything. It seems to be a preview of where difficulty is going as a whole in Destiny 2 this coming year.

Operation Seraph’s Shield – It wasn’t a fully secret exotic mission, but it’s still a very, very good one. The DSC-lite mission is great for solo play, a good mix of puzzle mechanics and combat encounters. They’ve also created good reasons to re-run it for its array of secrets and a long-tail upgrade path to its exotic, revision zero. And of course one Very Good Boy hiding out in the depths of the station you must rescue…

It was a good year. I know there were challenging times, but on the whole, Destiny got a lot of things right. You can judge from my omissions what I think they didn’t get right (PvP, crafting), but as ever, I think the good outweighs the bad, and of course, I’ll be playing non-stop another full year here in 2023.

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