The biggest gaming news for December 29, 2022

Stalker 2 is getting a new gameplay trailer and Splatoon fans really want an anime adaptation.

Two more days and the weather is back to normal. While you wait, here’s a bunch of Chew Games news, including a new gameplay trailer for Stalker 2, the first we’ve seen since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Elsewhere, it looks like Splatoon fans really want an anime adaptation, and Konami has hinted it has some pretty big plans for 2023. For all the details on these stories and more, read on.

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Stalker 2 gets a new gameplay trailer

After announcing earlier this week that Stalker 2 would be getting a new gameplay trailer, GSC Game World has definitely delivered a jaw-dropping streak of story beats and some seriously awesome action-packed sequences. At the end of the trailer, we also got further confirmation that Stalker 2 will launch sometime in 2023, disproving rumors that the game had been pushed back even further.

6-A Japanese poll reveals that Splatoon is the most requested anime adaptation

Japanese Poll Reveals Splatoon Most Requested Anime Adaptation

After a string of excellent anime adaptations such as Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Arcane, and Castlevania, it looks like fans are chomping at the bit to get their favorite games adapted these days. Splatoon fans seem particularly keen on the series getting an anime adaptation, as the game recently topped a poll in Japan on which properties gamers think should be adapted, beating other series such as Xenoblade Chronicles and The Legend. of Zelda.

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Noriaki Okamura, the producer of several Metal Gear titles, has fans talking as he recently said Konami’s keyword for 2023 is “long overdue”. While that doesn’t confirm anything yet, it does seem to suggest that the publisher could make a big comeback next year. The publisher has been virtually on hiatus for several years, though some fans believe that statement could mean game announcements from dormant franchises such as Metal Gear and Castlevania.

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Sports Story Player finds a hidden room that hints at a difficult development

Sports Story was quietly launched before Christmas, much to the surprise of fans. It was, however, criticized for its performance, as several game-breaking bugs were discovered since its release. There may be a reason for this, as a player recently discovered a hidden piece while going out of bounds. The room contains a group of developers who seem to suggest that Sports Story had a “difficult development” and that the constant addition of new features took the game away from its “original vision”.

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2022 is the first year without a Pokemon spin-off game since 1997

Finally, a bit of trivia to round things out. It’s been quite a big year for Pokemon with the release of Scarlet & Violet and Gen 9, but did you know this is the first year without a Pokemon spin-off title since 1997? Pokemon Legends: Arceus is officially considered a mainline title at Game Freak, and while Pokemon Go and Unite have received fairly significant updates throughout the year, no new spin-off titles have been released on Switch or mobile.

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