The ‘cheapest’ way to try Emirates First Class is back (under $625)!

Ok sure smart person – the cheapest way to try Emirates First Class is to use points, you’re not wrong.

But, if that’s not an option, or you want more flexibility like booking any day, a chance to try Emirates First Class for less than $625 is back, and after you do, it is glorious. And if you want to double your dip, $976 will get you a round trip!

Here’s the scoop and a bit of context to make it even more tempting…

Emirates First Class for $616

Emirates First Class is famous for the Airbus A380 shower and private suite that converts into a hotel-like bed. Plus the Dom PĂ©rignon and all that never hurts either. Say hello to the travel dream of a shower at 33,000 feet, with this fun opportunity.

After a long road hiatus, Emirates has reintroduced the A380s with first class between Bangkok and Hong Kong. To take advantage of this epic novelty, all you have to do is go to Asia, and more precisely to Hong Kong or Bangkok.

From Bangkok, you can enjoy a one-way ticket to Hong Kong for $615 or a round-trip ticket for $976. Google Flights shows year-round prices at these levels, so you have some wiggle room.

The flight costs less than 3 hours, but it usually takes at least three full hours, leaving more than enough time to enjoy a shower along the way and a glass of Dom. Or maybe more. Who knows!

Emirates has reintroduced First Class on its “fifth freedom” route between Bangkok and Hong Kong for 2023!

For around $600 one way or $900 round trip, you can experience one of the most opulent ways to fly, on a tasting basis. In recent years, the route had been replaced by an aircraft without first class, thus eliminating one of the most innovative ways of flying.

Sure, you can fly for a fraction of that in economy class between captivating Asian cities, but to Rome, uh Bangkok, why not?

GSTP took over this flight in 2017 when the flight was operated by an A380, and managed to significantly dent a bottle of Dom Perignon, shower and enjoy a meal within 3 hours.

It’s a very “YOLO” experience, to borrow from our young hip friends, but hey, you only live once, right?

Emirates First Class booking

Asia is the perfect place for a multi-city trip, allowing you to explore new cultures and cuisines at every stop. Although the most effective price is for a round trip between Bangkok and Hong Kong, there’s a lot to like either way.

If you’re going all the way to Asia, which obviously – is really huge – you want to see as much of it as possible.

As a result, it’s the perfect ‘jaw-opening’ location where you fly into one city and depart from another, so there’s no turning back. It’s really hard to fly to Bangkok at best, stop in Hong Kong and then fly back from Tokyo for a decent enough picture of the mainland from south to north.

You can book these flights directly with Emirates. Be sure to use a card with no foreign transaction fees to take advantage of prices in Thai Bhat, rather than other currencies. As a reminder, Hong Kong is mostly open now, but with recent events, it might make sense to save this opportunity for the summer, or at least a bit later in the year.

These fares can be made flexible, so booking is now low risk.

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