The coolest gifts for traveling dogs

Over 89% of pet owners planned to give their pets gifts in 2021, so don’t be caught without a gift for your best friend this holiday season. For pets who love to travel and spend life on the road, these gifts will help make their trips more fun, enjoyable and easier for four-legged and two-legged travelers. Here’s what to get your furry travel companion for the holidays:

Woof’s Pupsicle

Designed to entertain dogs for 20-30 minutes, this portable gift comes in two sizes for small and large dogs. Just unscrew it, pop in a soothing treat (or make your own with an included mold) and let your pet lick and distract him and keep him happy. The toy is easy to clean, wrap, and the premade treats can be frozen or served straight from the package. $35,

hands free

Keeping your hands free for luggage, coffee mugs, hiking poles or any other travel necessities is essential for parents of traveling pets. Give fido a longer rope with Fable’s magic tether, which can be worn by humans as a belt, shoulder strap, or wrist strap and double as a pull-on collar or conventional leash with a harness or collar. Made from industrial strength brushed cord and premium matte black aluminum hardware, this durable leash is waterproof and easy to clean. $65,

Dog Sweater

Keep your pup warm, cozy and ready to get compliments in a stylish and durable sweater from Verloop. Made from recycled deadstock yarn, the new colorful checkerboard pattern is available in two colors and five sizes, with a cutout for collar loops. Coordinating human props are also available, for the perfect photo shoot on the go. $46,

RifRuf Sneakers

Give your dog a good pair of kicks for all his time on the road. RifRuf’s exclusive dog trainers are available in multiple colors and sizes to help protect all four paws from hot, rough or icy surfaces. Made from knitted mesh with a breathable rubber midsole and outsole, with a hook and strap to secure the trainers. $75,

personalized necklace

Give your favorite pup a super personalized collar with personalization by Gianni Cooling. Choose black or brown leather, then choose a color for each letter of your dog’s name or nickname for a stylish accessory. Available in sizes XS-XL, with adjustable buckle. $69,

Dog Backpack

Let the dog do some of the hauling, packing a small doggie backpack with toys, treats, or whatever he needs. Caraa’s lightweight, water-resistant nylon backpack has two pockets and adjustable shoulder straps with clips. $55,

Grooming wipes

Dogs can play as dirty as they want if humans have individually wrapped wipes handy. Zoop’s Odor & Grooming Wet Wipes can easily slip into a pocket and wipe away dirt and stench for a stink-free pet on the go. $19,

Functional treats

Keep jet-lagged dogs fresh with Bocce Bakery’s Relax & Recharge package. This kit includes soothing supplements, bedtime tea cookies, and Sweet Dreams soft and chewy treats, all made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients from Bocce. $32,

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