The Elder Scrolls Online is moving away from the annual content cycle

ZeniMax Online Studios is ditching year-long storylines for The Elder Scrolls Online in favor of returning to standalone chapters like Morrowind.

Following the many feedbacks from the players, The Elder Scrolls Online is moving away from its annual content release cycle in favor of a return to full chapters and a focus on existing areas of the game. These year-long stories first started with the Elsweyr Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online, and although the format was well received at the time, many players felt that it had become outdated over the years. The strain on the development team was obvious, and splitting the storyline between a chapter and its accompanying DLC ​​made it disjointed and often predictable.


Growing frustration in the fan base culminated in the disastrous launch of the Firesong DLC ​​for high island, with many players feeling that the story of “L’Héritage des Bretons” as a whole was extremely disappointing compared to previous chapters. A growing amount of groundbreaking updates that introduced a myriad of technical issues didn’t help assuage the temper of The Elder Scrolls Onlinethe players. They were tired of the same songs and dances, and it was written on the wall that something had to change.

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In an official post on the game’s website, studio head Matt Firor revealed that the game will finally move from its annual content cycle to a looser format that it has followed in the past. The next chapter of 2023 will be an experience in its own right, self-contained and complete in scope. Additionally, the DLC that usually drops in the fourth quarter of the year will be an entirely new type of content, likely focused on expanding existing areas of the game. The Elder Scrolls Online with Hammerfell and other exciting places in Tamriel, there’s sure to be plenty for developers to choose from.

Elder Scrolls online story order reading chart for all dlc and chapters

With ZeniMax Online Studios working on a new game, this move also makes sense from a development standpoint. The Elder Scrolls Online players have often expressed a desire for less frequent, yet more stable content updates, and this announcement produced a collective sigh of relief within its community. In order to limit future performance issues, the developers are also working on upgrading the hardware and server infrastructure.

The Elder Scrolls Online has continued to evolve since its launch in 2014, and the decision not to let the game stagnate has sparked new hope for the future. Players are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next chapter, with many rumors pointing to the Telvanni Peninsula as the most likely setting. While 2022 has been a particularly eventful year for the title, The Elder Scrolls Online still offers one of the best atmospheres and traditions for those wishing to immerse themselves in the lands of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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