The Five Most Hated Cards From ‘Marvel Snap’

No decklist today, but I wanted to go over the five most hated cards in Marvel Snap, whether they’re played against you or you use them to deliberately piss off your opponents.

Sure, there are some cards that are very annoying in certain situations, like when a Hela resurrects an entire board to make you automatically lose, or a Killmonger clears out your zoo deck, but those are five cards that more or less whatever happens bridge you are running, are going to be very, very boring.

5. Scorpio – Although technically Scorpion will rarely cause you to lose a game outright, that cut to your cards reducing all of their power by one is just…deeply irritating every time it happens. Lord, help yourself if it gets triggered multiple times, because then yes, you may be diving into losing territory.

4. Professor X – We call him Professor No Fun. Professor X will instantly close a lane to the point where you not only can’t play any more cards in it, but you can’t even add cards to it, from Squirrel Girl to Doctor Doom. If played correctly, namely with a Daredevil predicting your turn 5, it can automatically win a lane effortlessly and without any recourse.

3. Iceman – Choose the most important card in your hand, which you were going to use to execute your winning combo. Well, it’s also the card Iceman chose to increase his cost by one, essentially screwing up your entire deck in a single drop. The only way to counter him is to mentally think of a different card in your mind and hope he is tricked into choosing that one instead.

2. Wang – Wong isn’t boring in the same sense as those others, it’s just that if left unguarded, he’s basically an automatic win condition. This means that with so many Wongs out there, you basically have to pack a Rogue, Enchantress, or Cosmo all the time, though turn order and luck determine if these even help you at all. If someone plays a Wong and snaps, and you have nothing to block that lane, walk away, because you’re about to see a group of White Tigers on your board or Zola Black Panthers double or any other level of madness.

1. Chief – Easily the most annoying map in the game, which replicates your last 6 turn on the other side of the board, resulting in a lot of losses on every level of the ladder, and resulting in a lot of Leader vs. Leader because of how widespread it is. I will say, however, that my favorite feeling in the game is playing a Destroyer deck where my lane is protected and Leader roasts himself and his entire half of the board when he duplicates Destroyer. Exceptional stuff.

Of those, I think Leader and Wong could be on the hook for potential nerfs in the future, but Snap has been pretty light on nerfs in the past, so we’ll see. Usually just 1 less power or something, which usually isn’t the main issue.

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