The James Webb Space Telescope is the science breakthrough of 2022

It was a triumphant year for the James Webb Space Telescope. From a flawless launch on Christmas Day 2021, through a perfectly executed roll-out sequence, to the first images that took everyone’s breath away, the $10 billion space observatory has exceeded expectations. at every step – so much so that critics quickly forgot the years of delays and massive cost overruns. Today, two of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world cement the James Webb Space Telescope position as “science stuff of the year”.

The editors of the journal Science selected the James Webb Space Telescope from a pool of applicants, which also included DART, NASA’s asteroid deflection missionas the Science Breakthrough of 2022. Additionally, Science competitor Nature included Webb Operations Project Scientist Jane Rigby among its “10 People Who Helped Shape Science Stories (opens in a new tab)from 2022. (Earlier this year, Time Magazine dubbed (opens in a new tab) the telescope one of the best inventions of the year.)

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