The Last of Us 2 fan shows off a custom guitar based on the game

A fan of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 impresses with his newly purchased custom Taylor black GS Mini Mahogany LTD guitars.

A player started The last of us subreddit to show off their sweet new custom guitar. Sporting Ellie’s moth and fern tattoo from the last of us 2Taylor Guitars’ sleek design is a standout tribute to The Game Awards’ 2020 Game of the Year.

Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic franchise The last of us has done a great job of staying relevant two and a half years after its last entry. Beyond Endurance the last of us 2 has in itself, The last of us 1 the fall 2022 remake gave avid fans of the franchise something to chew on while they eagerly awaited HBO The last of us television series, arriving January 15, 2023. Naughty Dog is also hard at work on the sequel to The Last of Us: Factions, the frenetic and visceral multiplayer mode released for the original game. Whether it’s a new chapter in The last of us The series comes beyond that unconfirmed, though its announcement in the next few years should come as no surprise.


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TheraputiDemonGoat posted his last memory on Reddit. The Taylor Guitars black GS Mini Mahogany LTD is a limited edition The Last of Us 2-inspired guitar made in collaboration with Naughty Dog. Its black frame has white designs on its lower half with the same design Ellie has tattooed on her right forearm. The eye-catching ax is one of a duo, with Taylor Guitars also having designed the 314ce Grand Auditorium, an exact replica of Ellie’s guitar from the last of us 2. TheraputicDemonGoat was lucky enough to find the custom GS Mini Mahogany LTD on eBay, as Taylor Guitars has since stopped selling them.

The role that Ellie’s guitar plays in the last of us 2 and the chain of pathos she ties around Joel and Ellie’s relationship as he teaches her how to play her is resounding. From his grim air all the way back to 2016 the last of us 2 reveal trailer, to the many songs you can play during the last of us 2 guitar mini-game, the instrument serves as a reminder of Ellie’s humanity as she commits a series of brutally inhumane acts throughout the game.

TheraputiDemonGoat’s new guitar is just the latest reminder that the last of us 2 touched countless lives with its gripping story of revenge and redemption. From fan art to the last of us 2 tattoos, the seemingly limitless number of tributes to the franchise speaks volumes about its deserved place in the zeitgeist.

the last of us 2 is available on PS4.

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