This 49ers team can rewrite Kyle Shanahan’s playoff legacy

Life is always more complex than we let on. And while current 49ers coach and then Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan wasn’t (even close) the only reason Atlanta gave up a 25-point lead to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, and neither wasn’t (even close) the only reason San Francisco surrendered a 10-point lead to the Super Bowl LIV Chiefs, those are the kinds of moments that tend to stick with a person.

You become the guy who gets to the game and wins it almost before something goes wrong. Just like Andy Reid was the guy who couldn’t run the clock, and Pete Carroll was the guy who couldn’t hack it in the NFL and Tom Coughlin was the guy who was too cantankerous to have meaningful success. There’s only one way to stop being this guys, this is why coaches wake up at absurd hours and live extremely unhealthy lifestyles locked up in NFL facilities for hours at a time.

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