TikTok Star Operation Hangover is dead

News of the Tiktok Operation Hangover star’s passing has come to light and his family have started a GoFundMe to raise money for the creator’s funeral.

A video posted on the channel of ICT Tac The Operation Hangover star reveals that the channel’s creator, David, passed away recently. TikTok has seen a lot of controversy throughout its lifespan, with the China-based platform facing heavy criticism and attention from the US government. Politicians have tried to lobby for the platform to be banned on several occasions, the most recent being the “CCP Anti-Social Law” introduced earlier this month. Now news has come out of a popular TikTok creator who has sadly passed away.


Operation Hangover debuted on TikTok earlier this year with the channel, as its name suggests, featuring creator David drinking a variety of alcoholic beverages. David would often broadcast on the channel chatting with viewers while enjoying drinks like Four Loko and Fireball, as well as taking Paqui’s “One Chip Challenge”. During his time on the platform, Operation Hangover garnered over 10,000 subscribers through his live streams with fans praising his positive attitude. Now, David’s sister has informed fans of the creator’s passing.

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In a video uploaded to Operation Hangover on Tuesday, David’s sister informed fans that the creator had sadly passed away since his last video. David’s sister has often appeared alongside David in videos on the channel, now telling fans that a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise funds for David’s burial. Fans in the responses to the video shared their memories of past Operation Hangover videos, referring to David as “a great guy” and fondly remembering the impressions and jokes he made in previous videos. Operation Hangover wasn’t the first major creator to tragically pass away this year, with beloved TikTok user Cooper Noriega passing away earlier in the year.

However, she had fewer kind words for fans on the account, blaming some of the blame for the creator’s apparent suicide on the backs of fans. The Operation Hangover creator’s sister slammed fans for “helping to kill her brother” and “funding his suicide”, saying fans should be responsible for the fallout aid. Fans criticized the sister’s attitude towards Operation Hangover supporters in the responses to the video while expressing their condolences for the loss of the family. TikTok has previously come under fire from users for its protection of creators, sued over the controversial ‘breakdown challenge’.

TikTok has been no stranger to controversy since the platform’s early days, linked to its potential ties to the Chinese government. The platform’s creator, ByteDance, was confirmed earlier this year to have a stake in the ownership of the company purchased by the Chinese government. TikTok has also been accused of censorship in the past, saying the platform tried to censor videos related to controversial topics like Tiananmen Square and Tibetan independence. Although the platform has seen a lot of controversy, TikTok is still a popular social media for many users.

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