Today Wordle #503 Hint, Hints & Answer for Friday November 4th

Wordle Wordle burning bright.

In the riddles of the night;

What immortal hand you see

To play you first, then Spelling Bee?

Into what depths or distant skies

Can we guess in just six tries?

On what wings do we dare to aspire

Guess again for fear of expiring?

What is the drill? that the chain,

In what furnace was your brain?

What is the anvil? What fear to input?

These words have five letters, just like clasp!

Ok, I stop. I said to myself “Wordle Wordle” and then boom by William Blake The Tyger popped into my brain and I thought, “Oh, I bet I could turn this weird poem into a Wordle poem! But it turns out there just isn’t much to work with here.

Seriously, though, some big five-letter words in that last stanza for your future guesses. This is a great reason to read more poetry. You’ll learn great vocabulary to help you with Wordle and other brain games!

So let’s do it!

Today’s Wordle walkthrough (with spoilers!)

The index: Once presented as some sort of devilry that could capture someone’s very soul!

The index: This word contains a double vowel.

The answer:

Do you like this index? Not only were people once suspicious – and superstitious – about photographs, thinking their souls could be trapped in the photo, but I’ve also included two very big clues in my wording. I said the answer was once “framed” and could “capture” someone’s soul – words that are very closely tied to the photo.

Anyway, I was very lucky today and burned this one extremely quickly. Series was an attempt to use a word so close to Wordle Bot’s favorite—slate-without being terribly boring and using the one everyone uses. He narrowed the field down to just 6 possible guesses remaining, which isn’t half bad.

I considered trying words with ‘T’ and ‘P’ but decided to try eliminating a few letters instead. Ghoul would let me check two more vowels and the ‘H’ which could very well go with a ‘P’ or a ‘T’. It was a good guess, reducing the total possibilities to one, though I didn’t realize that until later.

Yet I knew the word had HOT in the middle and once I put the ‘P’ in front (the only place it made sense) I knew it had to be a photo. You can’t spell photo without hot, as they say! (Do they say that?)

I beat Wordle Bot again today. He guessed slate / brackish / motto / photo which was just spectacularly worse than my guesses so the!

Huzzah for me and Huzzah for you! Huzzah for your fearsome symmetry! Be well, Wordlers!

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