Today’s Wordle #522 Tips, Hints & Answers for Wednesday, November 23

Another day, another Wordle. A rather relevant Wordle in my world, although we will come back to it later – I don’t want to give it away just yet!

You forget how busy this time of year can get. Family visits from out of town or visiting family. Either way, there is planning, preparation, and money to be spent. Something is going to go wrong. Someone will be too stressed out by the debates – as they are every year – and not have fun.

It’s the price to pay for doing business, I suppose. Family, feast, conviviality. Not such bad things to spend your time and money on. There’s worse, and we’ll be bombarded with it (we already are!) on Black Friday. Offers! Offers! Offers! They’re just too good to be true, folks! Go ahead and try your luck at some of them amazing offers!

But of course, Wordle is free. Let’s go?

Today’s Wordle solution (Spoilers ahead!)

  • The index: Ambition / locomotion.
  • The index: There are more consonants than vowels in this word.
  • The answer:

Well, that’s the luckiest word I’ve had in a few weeks. Still chasing that unicorn to guess, but I don’t mind a birdie (we’ll call 3 par).

Drain was actually my second choice after brain– until I remembered that I had definitely used that one before. I’m not against using a word more than once, but if I can, I try to make a new one every day. Luckily for me, switch to drain reduced the remaining guesses to just 5. Unfortunately, I still had a lot of vowels left, and of course, I had no idea how many solutions were left.

Yet I had the DR in green and a yellow ‘I’ and the very first thing I thought of was conduct. Of course, there were other options…drilling, drift, dryer, and dried but I have a 15 year old teenager who gets her learner’s license in two weeks! Of Classes I have driving in mind! (See, relevance . . . .)

So I got it in two, which is like double plus huzzah with a hint of hip-hip-hooray if you ask me. How did our buddy, Wordle Bot, do it? Well it started with slate, as usual, and it earned him an ‘E’ in green but nothing else. From there he guessed elder, hang the green ‘R’ to add to his green ‘E’ and a yellow ‘I’ – not bad! He must have felt ugly, though, because he went with it. dumps then, which ruled out four more letters and brought it to essentially the same place I was with my very first guess. On guessing #4 Wordle Bot guessed conduct.

I win. So the!

Have a great Wednesday, dear Wordlers. See you on Turkey Day!

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