‘Trump hangover’ still affects him

  • Dr. Jerome Adams and his wife, Lacey, have revealed how the “Trump Effect” has affected their lives.
  • In an interview with WaPo, Dr. Adams said people don’t want to “touch anything” related to Trump.
  • Lacey Adams last summer was diagnosed with melanoma, marking her third battle with skin cancer.

In 2017, when Dr. Jerome Adams was appointed surgeon general by then-President Donald Trump, he planned to focus on opioid addiction, a significant public health issue that had plagued members of his family.

Dr Adams’ wife Lacey was not a fan of Trump and expressed concerns that her husband would receive ‘stigma’ if he decided to serve in the administration, but the anesthesiologist dismissed it. convinced that he could more skillfully perform work that would benefit Americans took on the role of surgeon general rather than watching from a glass window.

Jerome and Lacey Adams would rather focus on public health issues, as Lacey last summer battled melanoma – a serious skin cancer – for the third time; both have spoken about skin cancer prevention on social media in their efforts to help others.

But in a recent profile in The Washington Post, the couple spoke about struggling to shake off the “Trump Effect”, which they say has deeply affected their lives since the surgeon general resigned from his post last year. last and returned to Indiana, where their family lived before moving to the nation’s capital.

Dr. Adams told the Post that the former president is “a force that really brings the air out of the room.”

“The Trump hangover still affects me in a significant way,” he continued, adding that the former president’s new 2024 presidential campaign “will make things harder for me.”

When Dr Adams left his post as general surgeon, it took him eight months to find another job, a situation which at the time worried the couple as they needed to support their three children.

“It was a lot harder than he thought to find a landing spot because of the Trump effect,” Lacey Adams told the newspaper. (Dr. Adams revealed on Twitter that his wife would be undergoing surgery this week.)

He added: “People are always afraid to touch anything associated with Trump.”

However, the former surgeon general said he was “not complaining” but wanted to “contextualize” the situation, according to the newspaper.

In September 2021, Dr. Adams was hired by Purdue University President Mitch Daniels – former director of the Office of Management and Budget and former Indiana Governor – to serve as executive director of research initiatives. university health equity. At the university, Adams is also a prominent professor of practice in the departments of Pharmacy Practice and Public Health.

During an interview with Insider last year, Dr Adams – one of the most prominent figures on the White House coronavirus task force in 2020 – lamented the partisanship that came to wrap his time in the administration, when it sought to improve the health outcomes of those most vulnerable to contracting the disease at its peak.

“In February and March 2020, I was speaking with the NAACP and the National Medical Association to try to sound the alarm that COVID-19 was going to disproportionately hit black and brown people. I worked with groups to tell them that the virus was going to hit people in poor health and among lower socioeconomic groups particularly hard. It was heartbreaking, quite frankly, to see it play out the way it did, because you know, from a perspective of scientific view, I saw it coming,” he told Insider.

“It was frustrating because in many cases the speech didn’t go the way I wanted it to be heard, because people only saw the guy standing next to President Trump. They didn’t didn’t see the black man who fought and overcame so many challenges just to become a doctor after growing up in poverty and in a rural area They didn’t see the person who spent his entire career fighting really for health equity. They saw ‘Trump’s surgeon general’ and it caused people to dismiss, fire or just beware of anything I said in this space,” a- he added.

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