Twitter blocks Mastodon’s account and several journalists

UPDATE: Twitter has also decided to suspend the accounts belonging(Opens in a new window) to reporters from the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and Mashable, who regularly cover Elon Musk and Twitter.

So far, the social media company has given no reason for the crackdown. But reporters criticized Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

At least two of the journalists, including Mashable’s Matt Binder(Opens in a new window), also tweeted a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department, potentially casting doubt on Musk’s claim that a stalker followed a car carrying his child. The accounts of the two journalists were then suspended.

Image of Binder's tweet


Original story:

Twitter has suspended the account of rival social network Mastodon.

The suspension targets the @joinmastodon(Opens in a new window) account, which urged users to join Mastodon, especially after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

So far, Twitter has given no explanation for the suspension. But that may be because @joinmastodon encouraged users to visit the recently banned @ElonJet account, except on Mastodon, where it remains available(Opens in a new window).

In addition to the suspension, attempting to tweet a link to the @ElonJet account on Mastodon triggers a block under the allegation that it poses potential harm, preventing the link from circulating.

Twitter preventing the link from circulating.


The day before, Twitter permanently suspended the infamous @ElonJet account for tracking the location of Musk’s air travel. The company did so despite Musk saying he would not ban the account, citing the need to protect free speech on the social media platform.

“My commitment to free speech even goes so far as not to ban the account that tracks my plane, even if it’s a direct risk to personal safety,” Musk said. tweeted(Opens in a new window) back on November 7.

However, Musk has since changed his mind, saying a “crazy stalker” followed a car carrying one of his children the night before. In response, the company introduced a new policy that prohibits the sharing of real-time location information about a person, including their live travel routes.

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“Any account doxxing anyone’s real-time location information will be suspended as a breach of physical security,” Musk said in a statement. Tweeter(Opens in a new window) explaining the new policy. “This includes posting links to sites with real-time location information.”

Yet Musk is receiving criticism for reneging on his promise to protect free speech on Twitter. The owner of the @ElonJet account, a student named Jack Sweeney, argued that all flight data information is already publicly available. Nevertheless, Twitter has decided not only to shut down @ElonJet, but also Sweeney’s personal Twitter account, as well as many other accounts that track VIP jet flights.

The company has now decided to crack down on Mastodon, a rival social network that has been getting a flood of new users since Musk took over Twitter. Eugen Rochko, the founder of Mastodon, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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