Users urge Tweeps to switch to ‘better’ alternative to Twitter


  • Hive Social was #1 on the App Store’s Top Social Networking Apps Tuesday night
  • Hive lets users add music to their profiles
  • Some users have raised security concerns regarding non-unique usernames

Twitter alternative Hive Social has passed the one million downloads mark and it appears interest in the app has increased significantly, particularly after surging over the weekend when Twitter boss Elon Musk, announced the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump.

Hive made the US App Store’s Top 20 list on Tuesday, TechCrunch reported. It has surpassed one million downloads and continues to be a hot topic on Twitter.

According to TechCrunch, Hive saw an increase in new user signups beginning Friday and continuing through the weekend. Around the same time, Musk’s Twitter brought back Trump’s suspended account, although the former president said he saw no reason to return to the social media platform since he already had his own Truth Social app.

From #338 in the overall ranking of best iPhone apps on the US App Store, Hive has since made a giant leap to the Top 20. The platform was #24 in Canada on Tuesday and #17 in the US . Kingdom, the outlet reported, citing data from Sensor Tower.

On Tuesday night, Hive Social was number 1 on the App Store’s list of best social media apps, followed by Gas, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Twitter is not in the top 10.

On Monday, a Twitter user asked what Hive was, adding that social media users were “hot on juggernaut two seconds ago.” The new Twitter boss replied “lmao”.

Speaking of Musk noticing Hive, app founder Raluca Pop, 24, told Insider it was “not surprising” because the app had been “trending for about 4 or 5 days of in a row, and I thought he probably saw it.”

Pop said Hive has “created a safe and healthy community” and while the team hasn’t hired any content moderators yet, “there isn’t really any toxicity there.”

Hive Social, which is operated by Pop and only two other developers, offers similar functionality to Twitter, as it has a main feed and allows the posting of images and text. However, it also allows users to add music to their profiles, as shown on the app’s website.

However, some users have expressed concerns about Hive Social’s security because the app lacks unique usernames, potentially encouraging identity theft, TechCrunch reported.

Despite concerns about security and supposedly vague privacy policies, some Twitter users are calling on other tweeps to take the big step.

DC and Marvel artist Mark Brooks said, “Hive is the best alternative to Twitter.” He also posted a screenshot of his Hive account for his followers’ reference.

Twitch streamer Lowco acknowledged that Hive is “catching up”. She said the app was easy to use and “feels familiar”, but questioned whether it could “move fast enough” to make the necessary improvements before interest died down.

Top Rope Nation podcast host Ryan Droste said he started an account on Hive because it “seems to be where all the cool kids are heading to for a possible alternative to Twitter.”

Moonlit eSports player Synume said that Hive is “actually not a bad alternative”.

One user said that while Hive “can’t realistically replace Twitter”, he was willing to give the app a try as it’s still a “promising” option for users looking for an alternative. similar platform.

Other users have posted similar comments about the app – that it’s a good alternative, but needs to address security and registration issues that might discourage other users from social media to jump ship.

Hive is a small platform managed by only 3 people, will it become a viable alternative to Twitter?

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