Video shows UK buyers squabbling over Logan Paul, KSI ‘Prime’ Drink

Several videos highlight UK shoppers vying for the freshly released Prime drink popularized by YouTube creators KSI and Logan Paul.

The Prime drink popularized by Youtube Content creators KSI and Logan Paul are making waves in the UK as shoppers battle for limited stock and stores impose limits to avoid further chaos. The popular Prime drink has been rolled out across various retail chains across North America since its launch earlier this year, and the UK is just the latest region to embrace the thirst quencher led by two YouTube personalities.

Twitter user Markbenhall was among many sharing their experiences on December 29 buying the Prime drink from an Aldi, highlighting a crowd of customers gathering around the small pile of remaining bottles. There are six flavors of KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime drink available in North America, while UK customers can currently only choose from Lemon Lime, Ice Pop and Blue Raspberry. While the majority of UK customers grab one of every flavor available, Meta Moon, Grape and Tropical Punch Prime drinks have yet to reach the region.


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Markbenhall’s Twitter video shows adults and children at Aldi rummaging through a shopping cart and boxes containing the Prime drink popularized by Logan Paul and KSI celebrity boxing, with an off-camera employee shouting crowd noise rules. A separate video from Prime Tracker UK shows the exact same scene highlighted from a different angle, giving Logan Paul and KSI fans an idea of ​​the scene chaos at Aldi on December 29. In the free video, at least one customer is shown grabbing several bottles more than other customers as the person recording the clip laughs in response to the escalation.

Although some customers held more than three bottles of the Prime drink featured on YouTube channels Logan Paul and KSI, photos of checkouts at Aldi showed strict adherence to the rule set by the store. Similar to other popular products scalped in recent years like graphics cards, consoles and smartphones, the Prime drink is also being scalped online, with some empty bottles even listed for thousands of pounds due to scarcity. Because this UK Prime release only focuses on the three aforementioned flavors, it may not be the worst of the chaos in outlets such as Meta Moon, Grape and Tropical Punch will attract their own consumers.

Although this British Aldi has quickly sold out of its main stock, it is likely that stores in the area will be restocked as the product is disappearing so quickly in an attempt to keep up with demand. It’s not yet known when the remaining Prime flavors will be added to the UK lineup, but it’s likely YouTube fans in the region will be updated via KSI’s or Logan Paul’s channels, which are often used to hold aware viewers.

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