Warzone 2 clip highlights drawbacks of laser sights

Laser sights in Call of Duty games can be very effective at increasing accuracy, but they also come with a big downside that gamers might not expect.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is packed full of weapons, gear, and weapon mods, with laser sights being one of the most recognizable. Numerous Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Attachments have both pros and cons, but players aren’t always aware of what they are, and laser sights are no different.

One of the last Call of Duty entrances east Call of Duty: war zone 2a free Battle Royale game released with Call of Duty: modern warfare 2 (2022). Although the game’s weapon mods are balanced against each other so that no build is too powerful over another, a war zone 2 player witnessed something that gave him an advantage in a shootout.


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Specifically, Redditor FOXWOMB94 posted a clip where they spotted a hidden player by noticing the dot of a laser sight on a wall, tracing the visible beam back to the camper’s location. A quick firefight later and the camper went down, with the Redditor able to continue the match.

The big question this clip poses is whether the visible beam from the laser sight is an intentional balancing feature or an accidental effect. war zone 2 bug left unnoticed by the developers. After all, real-world laser beams are invisible except for the point they are aimed at. So while seeing the beam in a video game might be helpful for a player using a laser sight, it shouldn’t be as helpful for other players targeting it.

On the other hand, while lasers are invisible when moving through the air, they can be very easy to spot when aiming through smoke, dust, steam, and other airborne particles. the air. Combat zones tend to raise a lot of dust and smoke, and so many Call of Duty players consider the visible beams from laser sights to be a completely intentional feature rather than a bug. They also like how the laser sights make it easier to spot campers and snipers who would otherwise have an advantage over more active players.

Visible laser sights will likely remain a part of CoD: Warzone 2, as they appear to be an intentional decision as opposed to a bug. After all, the laser sights were also visible in the first war zone, and players have found several strategies to avoid mistakes from FOXWOMB94’s enemy. For example, players can aim around the corner so opponents don’t see the laser until it’s too late, and they can choose laser sights that only activate when ADSing. As such, this aspect of laser sights is just one more factor for players to consider when choosing their loadout.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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