Witcher 3 fan creates stunning pixel animation with Priscilla

A fan of The Witcher 3 makes a stellar pixel art animated clip based on one of the most memorable scenes amid the game’s campaign.

A fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt made a stellar pixel art animation sequence featuring Priscilla in one of the game’s most memorable scenes. Being a heavily story-driven game, The Witcher 3 is full of unforgettable moments that keep becoming a talking point among his fans. While gaming is no stranger to fan art and other community creations, sometimes it can come in a form that very few people expect, like this particular pixel art animation for example.


The Witcher 3 recently received a free major update that brings a host of improvements. These not only include graphical fidelity upgrades such as ray tracing and high-resolution textures, but also several gameplay and quality-of-life changes that were previously only available to PC gamers through the use of mods. Such refinement to a highly acclaimed game will surely bring a resurgence of players old and new, and The Witcher 3 is experiencing exactly this situation.

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The gorgeous pixel art animation is courtesy of Reddit user BetaZX. The sequence is based on a particular moment that occurs around the middle of the campaign in The Witcher 3, in which Geralt first encounters Priscilla while searching for Dandelion in the city of Novigrad. Priscilla, being a renowned bard who goes by the stage name “Callonetta”, is performing the song “The Wolven Storm” at the Kingfisher Inn when Geralt and his friend Zoltan enter.

“The Wolven Storm”, otherwise known as “Priscilla’s Song”, is already very popular and has 7 different voice-over translations in The Witcher 3. In this animated pixel art clip, however, the artist has put in his own instrumental rendition of the song which goes really well with the overall retro theme. The visual details are also quite stunning, with Geralt and Zoltan seen sitting in the mid area, just like how the scene actually unfolds. The Witcher 3.

The duration of the clip is quite short, just under a minute, but it manages to show the impressive skills of its creator in his attempt to reimagine The Witcher 3 in a retro-inspired form. Many users said that they wouldn’t mind playing the game in this type of visual style. “I would like [pay] $1000 to play Witcher 3 with these graphics,” one user wrote exaggeratedly. Another user praised the laid-back vibe the animation clip conveys.

The Witcher 3 is already over 7 years old, but its visuals are still up to modern standards, especially with its recent next-gen update. While the next Witcher games will certainly do much better with the help of Unreal Engine 5, a pixel art based Witcher spin-off could also be a great idea, as this animation clip shows.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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